Wednesday, January 04, 2006

♪ Switchfoot ♪

Do u know a rock band named Switchfoot?
The band is my latest favorite one!! I heared some of their songs through iTunes radio, and thought all of them were so good!
Especially I like a song called "meant to live" a lot, so I am listening it over and over.
One day I asked a friend of mine who really likes western pop rock music like me, that if she likes a band "Yellow Card" or not and would like to go to their show. She told me that she was thinking about it cos Switchfoot would also do Japan tour in following Febrary. I did not know that Switchfoot was going to come and do show in Japan at all, so I was very excited and glad!!!
I got Switchfoot's 2nd album and now often listen to it. Their melodies are strong and some lyrics seemes to be serious. I like lyrics which are serious or has messages, and Switchfoot's melodies are very good, so I am getting to like the band more and more!
My most favorite song "meant to live" is included in their 1st album, so I am so looking forward Japan edition of it will be released and get it!
However, unfortunately, their tour was canceled recently, so I was really shocked!!!( p_q) I and my friend will surely go to Yellow Card's show instead!!!!! Yellow Card is also very good band, so I am looking forward to seeing their show ^^

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I went to see Rooster's show yesterday!!
I and my friend thought we did not have to go to the venue early, so we entered there late and stood the end of the line. Because we did not want to be tired after the show because of pushing and shoving among audience. We could see the stage well even at in the end of the line.

Rooster started show about ten minutes behind. They played most songs from their debut album and also some brand new songs. All new songs were good, so I'm lookin forward their brand new album!!
Each members who plays instruments did solos, and the drum solo was coolest!!!! I did not expect they do such a cool performance, so I was surprised!!
The vocalist of Rooster, Nick always said "arigato" or "arigatogozaimasu" after one song finished, and it was kind of funny to us. One reason was his voice was too husky. lol

He talked little bit about their 2nd album. They seemed to be recording it lately. I think he was sorry cos the news must be happy one to fans, but audience did not react to him (>_<) I wanted other members, especially Ben to talk something, but nobody talked at all except Nick :(
They played "angels calling", "staring at the sun", and "come get some" for encores. I like "staring at the sun" a lot!!! The performance was really good! When the performance of last song started, everyone liven up most, cos the song is most popular one. Their show was not so long, but it was so good, so I was satisfied with it. Hope they come back soon with their brand new album!!

To Mina: Here is the signed photo. I'm so sorry to be late uploading it <(_ _)>

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Films I watched recently

Hi there how are u doing?

I hardly watch movies at theaters, but recently I like to watch DVDs.
I watched "Bend It Like Beckham" (Japanese title: Beckham ni koishite). Because I had to write a paper for a class, so I chose the film I was interested in before. However, the DVD did not have English subtitle, so I gave up to write a paper with the film and just enjoyed watching it.
The film is about an Indian British girl who loves playing football. Her parents does not want her to play football cos they think it is for boys and she has to learn housework. So the girl, Jess joins a girls' soccer team secretly. The actor who plays coach of soccer team, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so gorgeous! I'm not so into movie actors, but he is so good!!!!
Keira Knightley also apperes this film as the best friend of Jess. She acts a girl who is captain of the girl soccer team. She and Jess is really good at playing soccer, so I wished I could play soccer well like them.
I chose "Uptown Girls" to write a paper. This movie is really cute! The main actress, Brittany Murphy is so pretty. Dakota Fanning also appears as one of main characters. Needless to say, she is cute! Brittany acts a girl named Molly, whose father is a legendary rock musician, so she lives in idleness. Her style of clothes, room, and her pet named Moo are very cute. Her pet is a pig, but I thought I want to have a pig if it's like Moo! lol
Molly lost her all property, so she starts working as a baby-sitter for Ray (Dakota Fanning). However, Molly is childish and Ray is precocious, so they sometimes start quarreling. So at first Ray does not like Molly, but gradually opens her heart. They learn a lot from each other, and grow up together. This movie is not just pretty and funny, but also touching, so I recommend you to watch it!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nabisuko Cup Final

I'm a fan of GAMBA OSAKA, a Japanese pro soccer team. They are very strong this year, and won through to the finals of Nabisuko Cup!!!!
It was their first time to get a chance of the title, so I was so impressed that they finally reached the finals!!!
The final match of Nabisuko Cup was held at Kokuritsu Stadium on November 5th. I really wanted to go there but it was expensive to participate the bus tour, so I watched the match on TV. It was very difficult game and both teams could not win any goals. Every final matches are always so hard to win a victory! Gamba did not win a goal readily, so I felt really nourvous if Jef United would win a goal or not >_<;
Finally 90 minutes game was over and they rush into extra-inning game. During the game, some players of Gamba broke down because of so much tiredness, but they did not allow Jef to win a goal again. In the end, the match arrived shoot-out.
Gamba experienced shoo-out on semi-final match, so I believed that Gamba was more advantageous than Jef. However, first kicker of Gamba missed a shot. So I really hoped the goalkeeper to block shots of Jef's players, but every players of Jef suceeded to score goals, so the game was over and Jef won the victory.
I felt sad, because the reason was not simply they lost, but also that the team finally arrived the golden opportunity to get their first title, but it receded from them again after all. However it was a close game, and Gamba is still keeping No.1 of the J league, so I am not so disappointed about this match. THEY WILL BE THE CHAMPION for this season!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Disney Land☆★

Hi there how are you?
Last summer vacation already passed, but I haven't posted much about my holidays yet, so I post about one of that today^^;

I went to Disney Land with a friend of mine during last summer vacation.
Last time I went there was when I was 11 or 12 years old. So I was exciting to go again!
When we entered the land, I saw Micky soon, but lots of people were waiting to take pictures with him, so I gave up to approach him. We took some rides, like "star tours", "micro adventure", and "splash mountain", and "big thunder mountain", and "space mountain".
I liked space mountain a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! When I took it several years ago, I felt very scary, but this time enjoyed it sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I took it twice! I wanted to take it all day long!!
I remember that I enjoyed Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain a lot when I was 11 years old. I felt even scary when I took Big Thunder Moutain and Splash Mountain, but this time I did not feel scary at all, far from it I felt kind of boring....Cos I like scream machines! It's my own opinion, so I know you might criticize me, but allow me to be frank^^;
By the way, I enjoyed parades very much! I like the parade held in the afternoon the best, cos I can see disney characters well and take good pictures in the afternoon! I took pictures of Chip and Dale, Mickey, and Minnie, and my most favorite character Stitch!!!!! and so on. They were so lovely!

In the evening, two parades were held. I could not get good place to see first one. So we looked for better place, and we could see ☆★☆Electrical Parade★☆★ at much better place!!
I felt here is the dream land when I was seeing the parade! I'm not sure why the parade gives us dreams!! I tried to take pictures all the time, but could not succeed well...
After the parade, we went to Toon Town to meet Micky, but we did not have enough time to enter Micky's house cos should not be late for bus. So we just took a picture in front of his house(/□≦、) I have to go back to Disney Land again to meet Micky!!!

I was in trouble after we left there. First, I could not find the travel agency easily which I should ask which bus I would take, cos some agencies were the roll-call point. So It was very difficult to find a person who was taking a roll-call-_-; I was relieved after I checked where the bus was, but it was not the end of this trip!! The bus ought to have been where I was told to go, but there was no bus! I was really upset and looked for the bus desperately. Finally I found the bus and was really relieved. The driver told they moved the bus・・・They should not do that!!!!(●`ー´●) I had a very hard time in the end of the trip, but I learned that I should not rely on others but try to solve the problem by myself when I'm in trouble.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

★★ Simple Plan @ FRF Ⅱ★★

Hi there how are you doing?
I posted here some about fuji rock festival before, and today I post the sequel to that.

After amazing Simple Plan's show finished, I and my friend went to small stage of MTV to see a live-audience broadcast which SP would appear. During the TV show, Thanks to a very good question from an audience, two members of SP sang Back Street Boy's "Quit playing games with my heart"!!!!! It was soooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were very good at singing like BSB!! lol
But according to them, BSB's reaction to them was not really good. lol The main vocalist, Pierre even imitated Oasis's Noel! He was so funny and carried away on the stage!! lol
No, the members who were carried away were Chuck and Jeff!! They were doing funny and kind of strange dance during set change・・・(A゚∇゚) Since then, we started teasing

Anyway, before their acostic live started, it began heavy raining! It was very hard to endure it X( SP's guys maybe felt sorry for fans and told "only we can do to make them smile is to start playing!" or something like that. I felt so happy to hear that. How nice they are!!! I've never seen the band which is really nice to fans of them like SP!!! They played "welcome to my life" for us. I didn't care the rain, and enjoyed their performance a lot!!
After the live-audience broadcast finished, they held signing. I did not get a CD to participate it, so just watched them. SP's members beckoned to every fans even who did not buy CDs to come to them, but they did not have enough time to greet every fans, and fans mobbed them so it was kind of dangerous, so instead, some members approached us to shake hands. I tried to hand a letter which I and my friend wrote together to David, one of members, but I dropped it because fans mobbed. It was heavy raining, so I was really disappointed because the letter must be wet through and not readable any more... But!!!!! The sooooooo nice person David stop fans not to tread on the letter and picked it up!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried to see that(>_<) (>_<) How nice he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really really impressed by them and totally obsessed with them more than before!

They also appeared Space Shower TV's live broadcast after MTV's one.
I'll post about it later. ヾ(・д・。)bye~~♪

Friday, October 14, 2005

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, Whitney, an international student, came to my house to meet my family. But my younger brother is too shy and does not try to meet her, so she was shocked when I told her that, so I felt really sorry for her :(
I can't understand why he is too shy to meet her! I often tell him that he doesn't have to talk with her a lot, but should stay home and meet her cos if not do so, it's rude to her. However he does not listen to me, so I get angry with him.
My mother made okonomiyaki and chirashizushi for lunch. Okonomiyaki was so good! Whitney also seemed to like them, so I relieved.
After finishing lunch, Whitney gave us gifts. Her family sent gifts for us to Whitney. How nice they are!!
My mother was given a pouch from Whitney's mother. It was the scent of flower. Gifts for my father and brother were Seattle Mariners' T-shirts, caps and a Ichiro's ball. The cap for my father was one whose the company Whitney's father works. My father tried it on, and Whitney was glad.
My brother should thank her soon!!!!
I was given some colorful socks and a T-shirt. The T-shirt was also sent by Whitney's mother, and I like it a lot!! She has good taste!!
Here the picture of colorful socks. They are very soft and warm!! I will use them reguraly in winter! lol
We were going to go hot springs on the day, but Whitney had another plan so she should go back to Hirakata as soon as possible, so instead of going hot springs, we went to a shopping mall which is in my city. It is very close to Koshien Studium, so I talked her about the championship series of high school baseball, and Ichiro used to play there for it.
We looked some shops and ate some cakes at a popular cafe in the mall. I hope Whitney had good time with us.

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